Pennyroyal Otways Retreat


Marking Cayn’s milestone birthday was pretty big…Anna had no idea it was to turn into a double celebration!
“Cayn proposed when we were in Japan for his 30th last year. We went for a hike in a beautiful coastal town and, when we got to a spot where we could see Mt Fuji, he dropped the knee,” Anna recalls.
“I was completely blindsided, but I still managed to cry almost instantly. What a sop!”

Family has played a starring role in Anna and Cayn’s love story, right from the very start. Whether it was at their first meeting or their wedding day, family members were on hand to help guide the couple through their journey together.
Anna, a cardiac technician, met Cayn, a musician, in 2010 after moving to Melbourne.

“Cayn was living with my brother and, pretty quickly, one thing led to another,” she recalls.
Six years later, Anna’s family walked her down the aisle when she married her sweetheart in a relaxed, farm-style affair at Pennyroyal Otways Retreat.
“It just seemed the most natural thing to do,” she explains.
“We knew we wanted our families with us right from the start. We live all over the place and don’t get everyone together very much, but we’re all pretty close. They are our people.”

Inadvertently, one of Anna’s brothers provided an impromptu comedy act as the group made their way down the aisle towards their waiting guests.
“Half-way down the hill, we realised my big brother left Cayn’s ring up in the house and he had to run back up and get it. It ended up being a good tension breaker and we got to laugh at him struggling up the hill!” Anna says.
Breathtaking in her lace gown featuring a stunning sweetheart neckline, the brunette beauty says finding the right dress was quite a process.
“I had a fair bit of trouble working out what I wanted, as I never had an image of myself as a bride. I eventually took some reference pictures to a family friend and had her make it. It didn’t turn out how I thought, but I ended up being really happy with it. How can you now love the dress you wore when you married the love of your life?”

Guests were treated to delicious fare from the Trailer Made food truck, and enjoyed a variety of Australian-themed cakes including passion fruit and strawberry sponges, pavlovas and lamingtons.
“Because we didn’t want to ‘cut the cake,’ we totally forgot to have a knife! When we brought them all out, people just hacked pieces off with their forks. I wish I had a photo of the total destruction that was the cake table after about 15 minutes! They all got eaten though,” Anna laughs.

While the day was unquestionable all about Anna and Cayn, there was a window where the bride’s father almost stole the show.
“My dad’s speech was a pretty special moment for me. He had a big stroke a few years back, but he still got up there, in front of everyone, and spoke for us. The whole room was with him in that moment; that’s one thing I’ll remember forever.”

As seen in issue #3 of AW Mag!


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Creative Crew

Theme: Relaxed, DIY, farm-style
Date of wedding: February 27, 2016
Bride’s dress: Made by a family friend
Bride’s shoes: Midas
Cake: Green Refectory
Florists: Green Room
Make-up: Lani Clarke
Suits: SABA
Rings: By Kim Victoria
Groom’s shoes: ASOS
Celebrant: Judy Bloomfield
Photographer: Pretty Flamingo Photography
Venue: Pennyroyal Otways Retreat
Entertainment: Karate Boogaloo
Caterer: Trailer Made
Hire equipment: Event Power Solutions
Number of guests: 100
Overall cost: $13,000