A Relaxed Rustic theme was in mind for this couple, but with the bride working away, Groom Ian was the big decision maker of this gorgeous styled wedding in their home town of Pennyroyal in Victoria. With the help of Geelong wedding planner, Chic by Cara, Ian totally rocked it and produced a truly memorable day!



We grew up 20 minutes from each other and I used to train for kayaking on the river at the back of Ian’s house, however, we didn’t meet until we were both living and working at Uluru. Ian and I both worked at the airport, he was on the tarmac or in the air most of the time piloting choppers while I was inside working in customer service. We had our first conversation when I gave Ian one of the best seats on the plane on a flight to Cairns but had many mutual friends and often ran into each other due to the size, or lack thereof, of the town we lived in. About four years ago, my sister visited me from Melbourne, met Ian and instructed me to ask him out. Needless to say, I took her advice, which brought us to March 19th 2016.


We used to have a joke that if an engagement ring was supposed to be three months salary then Ian would have enough to buy me a cheezel.

While I was home for a weekend while living away and training for my new job in the Navy, Ian presented me with a whole box of cheezels…this was replaced by something more glamorous a couple of months later when Ian gave me a custom designed ring that featured diamonds and an aquamarine – a stone that historically was believed to have kept sailors safe (an apt choice for me given my occupation).


We wanted our wedding day to be just as much about all the people we had met along the way and the friends and family that had shaped our lives as it was about us. We knew that since we had lived a bit of a nomadic lifestyle during our relationship that this would be the one of the few opportunities to get all our friends from all throughout Australia in the one place at the one time. We wanted a chance to catch up with everyone so we hired the property for the weekend and guests either stayed in cabins or camped.

For the ceremony and reception we hired chairs and wine barrels and borrowed some items from family but most of the other furniture was DIY – all of it was made from recycled materials and making the trestles out of pallets, old doors and spray painted aluminium cans was a highlight of the preparation for us. The signing table was a surprise from Ian…it had our dogs old name tags and coins from the various places we had travelled as well as sand from Uluru and the East Coast of Australia embedded in the wood. The dance floor was decorated with a roof installation made by Ian and which was decorated by ‘Smellies’ florist with native foliage from around the property. Our guest book was a collection of photos we put together from all throughout our lives so guests could choose a moment they remembered sharing with one or both of us and sign on that page.

As we had hoped our day was filled with good friends, food and wine, dancing and most importantly a lot of laughter, perhaps most unexpectedly when the reception venue’s resident llama spat in my face and the donkey attempted to eat the train of my dress.


Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking_1 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-5 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-14 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-16 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-17 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-24 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-27 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-51 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-54 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-57 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-62 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-68 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-70 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-85 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-88 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-98 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-112 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-125 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-136 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-142 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-152 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-160 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-172 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-174 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-178 Vanessa&Ian's_Wedding_19032016_RHosking-192



Theme: Rustic and Relaxed
Brides Dress: Grace Loves Lace
Bridesmaids Dresses: Asos Skirt and Saba Top
Ladies Shoes: Shoes of Prey
Accessories: Samantha Wills
Cake: Made by family member. Decorated by Smellies Florist
Florists: Smellies
Hair: Melonie Santos
Makeup: Melonie Santos
Suites: Calibre & Satch
Rings: Lili Fine Jewellery, Michael Hill
Mens Shoes: Calibre
Location of Wedding: Pennyroyal, Victoria
Celebrant: Mark Pobjoy
Photographer: Rebecca Hosking Photography
Filmmaker: Story Media
Reception Venue: King Parrot Cottages
Entertainment: Cam Tapp
Caterer: Paella Pan
Hire Equipment: Memphis Hire and Nomad Styling
Stylist: Chic by Cara
Number of Guests: 90
Overall Cost: $30,000