A Stylus Statement:

When Old Breathes Life Into The New.


The combination of raw sound, dancing bodies and blithe emotion is a potent mix. Capable of evoking sublime happiness, the experience creates rich memories that last a lifetime.
For DJ Tim Coleman, of Stylus Vintage Soundscapes, it’s the weaving of that particular kind of magic that has become his professional raison d’être.
Tim achieves this through his deft utilisation of vinyl records, as well as mood lighting, customized mood visuals and a touch of vintage décor.
Servicing Melbourne and regional Victoria, including Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Hamilton, Daylesford and Warrnambool, Stylus Vintage Soundscapes is steadily making its mark on the wedding and party scene.
Absolute Weddings talks to Tim about his love of music, and the enduring appeal of the vintage era.

– When did you get into music and become a DJ?

I grew up listening to many different genres of music in our household that influenced the records I enjoy playing today.
Having studied sound courses and being a music producer, I have always been drawn to the feel of vinyl records and the analog sound which, in my opinion, sounds better than digital recorded music.
Although I do incorporate the laptop, which links to my turntables and mixer, this allows me to bring a lot more songs with me but sustain the organic feel. Otherwise it would be very hard to transport crates and crates of records. I guess technology has come a long way, especially in the music industry.

I have been around some really highly skilled and technical DJs while doing music production and writing/recording songs, and I always had a lot of vinyl records in my studio that I used for sampling and playing.
The last five or so years have been a process of natural transition where I have wanted to start sharing some of the music that I had collected. So I took the turntables with me and started playing at various bars and restaurants in regional Victoria, and some events and parties.

– Tell us about your love for vintage records.

When LP, or long play, vinyl records were introduced in the late 1940s they became the standard for the record industry.
I love records because, when you purchase them, you feel like the physical product is of value, and that is almost sentimental.
A lot of the music that artists and bands recorded back then, and pressed on vinyl, weren’t recorded in state-of-the-art studios; more like untreated rooms and various spaces, which gives that raw sound.
Although multi-track recorders were around, the actual sound of the analogue recordings have depth compared to digital recordings.

– How do you feel when you get a crowd up and dancing?

It makes me smile when the dance floor is full and happening because I am very passionate about the music I play.
When music is playing it can trigger so many different feelings and is a communicative medium that can make you move and sway and want to just dance.
That’s when the vibe feels alive, and the environment is enjoyable.

– What does Stylus offer?

Stylus offers an organic vintage soundscape playing vinyl records for your wedding, event, function, party, festival and more.
We offer a delightful, hand-picked range of songs from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s and, if requested, can offer the 80s, 90s, 2000s and beyond.
We cover genres and styles of music from jazz, blues, funk, soul, rock’n’roll, rhythm and blues, rockabilly, country, folk and much more.
We have two packages available, and the music can be customized where possible to suit your special occasion.
Our Master of Ceremonies Service is also available if required and PA hire will also be available in the near future.
Live visual and video mixing is also available via projector and a vintage screen or natural wall/backdrop.

– Tell us about the visuals?

Adding live visuals is optional and, with our approach, we maintain the vintage feel with a 1950s hanimex screen and the way we mix the effects and visuals with the music.
We can even capture images and short videos from your wedding ceremony, event or special occasion and project them while it’s happening live.
We would love to create your vintage soundscape from the music to the visuals.
In essence, pictures and images help us remember.

– We love your vintage look. How did that come about?

It came about when I had a vision a few years back that the vintage look was something I wanted to incorporate into a mobile DJ business.
There are many mobile DJ services around that offer the corporate or contemporary look, and I wanted my business to be unique and approach it from a different angle.
Incorporating mood lighting and some 1950s and 1960s props that I have sourced into the set-up just feels right and, let’s face it, vintage is very popular and always will be.



Photo by Mojo Photography