Adam and Lauren


Surprising his girlfriend with a memorable proposal at Melbourne’s Eureka Skydeck was one of the most nervous days of Adam’s life.  But then for a more fun less stressful event, sweetheart groom Adam reached out to me to surprise his bride with a feature on their lovely wedding along the Mornington Peninsular. “She does love surprises!!!!”- Adam.

He expressed how much effort and love Lauren had put into their wedding. “Everything went off without a hitch and we had an unbelievable weekend.” – Adam.

After seeing the couples traditionally beautiful wedding, we couldn’t resist! I particularly love Laurens custom gown which she helped contribute to with designer Craig Braybrook.


I picked her up from work where all her colleagues were saying that I would pop the question which was pretty funny because she responded with “no way”.
We went to Hardware Lane for dinner then walked down to the Eureka Skydeck.
Dinner was where I thought I had lost it. I took myself to the bathroom 2 or 3 times just to sit there and breathe. I thought she would think something was up but it turns out after she thought that I had just had some bad Mexican. Dinner seem to go by very quickly only knowing too well that I couldn’t postpone any longer.

Finally we got to the Eureka Skydeck and took our number in the queue to go out on the deck.
I must explain that I had already contacted management a few weeks prior to arrange a time and ticket pickup which would then prompt the staff upstairs that I was there and what I looked like as to who needs the happy snaps.
She’s never been afraid of heights before but that night she decided to be petrified which nearly made me pull out of the plan completely. It wasn’t until we were out there for a while when the lady working gave a lovely prompt over the microphone that “now might be a good time for that photo”.
So I got down on one knee and asked my best friend to be my wife. She ultimately said yes but continued to cry in fear and refused to let go of the handrail I have pictures to prove so haha.
It was a very memorable night the only mistake I made was not warning Lauren who hadn’t had a manicure and was shocked of her nails in all the engagement ring photos haha

This took her many months of planning and having fittings with Craig Braybrook who Lauren said was a match made in heaven because he owns 2 pugs just like we do!
My only request for the dress was nothing too big as I wanted to be able to dance with her and stand next to her in photos not next to a huge hooping dress.

I selected the colour and style before our fitting at TOPMAN and then we all turned up polished off a couple bottles of champagne and 2 hours later the Grooms party were set.

I have a beach house in Blairgowrie and Lauren has family in Frankston so we have always frequented the Mornington Peninsula and the Portsea Hotel just seemed right.
We were so happy with absolutely everything there from the gardens, food, price and especially service!! The wedding planner Nicole was absolutely brilliant and made everything so simple and fun which was an absolute blessing. We also wanted to make it a weekend long celebration and both rented beautiful Portsea homes and celebrated with all our friends and family form Thursday to Monday really.

We wanted a party like atmosphere and this was definitely what we got. The music was great and the service was so first class that there was no need to worry about a thing. The girls had the Instagram printer to fulfill their selfie dreams and the boys had 4 different beers on tap to fulfill their alcoholic dreams.
The dance floor never stopped after our surprise choreographed first dance that just created such a fun vibe that everyone embraced.

Paul was amazing! He had a hard job dealing with a big wedding party and too many of my mates at the grooms house but he soldiered through, the photos have turned out so great.  Lauren had seen their work before and they had the nicest albums that we could find anywhere in the industry.


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Creative Crew

Theme: Rustic Beach
Brides Dress: Craig Braybrook
Accessories: Lovisa
Cake: Peninsula Cake Art / Krispy Kreme
Florists: Poppy Culture
Hair: Hair by Shauna Elizabeth
Makeup: Claire Bradley
Suites: Topman
Rings: JGS Jewellers
Mens Shoes: Bronze Snake
Ceremony Venue: Portsea Hotel
Celebrant: Ben Stanley
Photographer: Immerse Photography
Reception Venue: Portsea Hotel
Music: DJ Stephen Kimber
MC: Andrew Lovett – Childhood Friend
Favours: Groom made skittle jars
Number of Guests: 130
Overall Cost: $50,000