Reasons why you should have Coloured Smoke at your Wedding!


Ok, first things first.. this feature will be all about my love for coloured smoke and why you should totally get on board it!

IT SHOWCASES YOUR PERSONALITY.  This is the perfect way to express you personality without the words. Creating strong, dramatic looks, soft and dreamy, bright and fun, or even mixing colours together to create something even more unique. You’ll see a bunch of examples of what I’m talking about below.

YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER WILL LOVE YOU! Every photographer is always itching at the opportunity to create a unique image, and the chance to simply get super creative. If you do want to try something like this, speak to your photographer about your ideas and see what they think, (I’m sure they’ll bombard you with some brilliant concepts).

WEATHER CONDITIONS….  Ok this will dramatically affect your look.  If you want thick and full coloured smoke, you need a wind free day or lots of coverage from the wind.

WE USED IT ON OUR LAST COVER SHOOT! Yep, we are super cool and created some awesome images for our last issue.

Just imagine, in the middle of no where, next to a train line, A gorgeous model in this amazing Judy Copley Design covered in feathers and jewels, about 9 people standing around her holding up these gigantic bohemian rugs (to break the wind) and then Hilary Holmes and myself running around with these coloured smoke bombs on sticks (to get maximum impact of course) and then a train of 5 carriages and passengers driving past… I swear we looked like we had some huru guru witch dance going on! Absolutely hilarious!

So that brings me to our next reason….

FUN!  Of course you will get some incredibly moody, magical images to share, but be warned, you may laugh your arse off during the attempt.

STRAIGHT UP, IT’S PRETTY! Coloured smoke is simply gorgeous, case closed!


Above Image by Lara Hotz Photography

Above Image via Black Magazine

Above image by Emma Bascom Photography

Above Image via Rock n Roll Bride

Above image by Michelle Dunn Photography

Above image by Lara Hotz Photography

Above Photo by Amy Cloud Photography

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

Above Image by Rad Rad Creative