Oblivious to Paul’s intentions, Karen had no idea a planned date night was about to become something far more significant!
“As per usual, I was home later than I had said,” she recalls.
“I came in, banging on about my friend’s birthday lunch and, after about 10 minutes – which I’m sure felt like a lifetime to Paul – I turned to him and said, ‘So, what’s planned for date night?’
“His response, as he reached behind the couch we were sitting on, was, ‘Well, I was hoping you would marry me!’ I said yes, and cried a little. Then we spread our exciting news through visits, phone calls and messages. After some celebratory bubbles, we went out to a very nice dinner and did our favourite thing – wined and dined.”

Bright. Bold. Beautiful. There’s no better description for Karen and Paul Marinelli’s fun-tastic wedding day at Geelong’s Barwon Edge Boathouse.
Karen, a primary school teacher, and her sweetheart, Paul, were married on January 23 this year in a kaleidoscope of colour and style.
Wearing a spectacular Jane Hill gown, Karen carried a bouquet of red, hot pink and yellow blooms, complemented by deep green foliage and multi-hued ribbons.
For both Karen and Paul, it was important that they begin their lives together in the traditional way.
“Paul did the cute and right thing and took my dad out for a coffee to ask for her permission,” Karen tells.
“He then wisely decided not to buy me a ring, as I am very particular about things like that. Instead, he proposed with his Nonna’s engagement right which she can no longer wear.”
The bride-to-be designed her dazzling engagement ring with the help of Joseph George Jewellery.
Karen and Paul’s wedding featured acoustic music from Levi Anderson, as well as a DJ, Joe Joe (Giuseppe Venuto).
“Both of these people are good friends of ours and we love their music,” Karen enthuses.
“We wanted to have a very chilled-out and relaxed feel to the start of the day, and then have some great, up-beat hits for the evening when the party got started.”
From the celebrant and videographer to the MC and stylist, just about everyone with a role to play in Karen and Paul’s big day was closely connected to the couple.


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Theme: Bright and fun
Bride’s Dress: Jane Hill
Bridesmaid Dresses: Cue
Ladies Shoes: Effegie, Tony Bianco
Florists: Megan Schmidtke
Cake: Stockade Cellars
Hair: Geraldine Bosevski
Makeup: Blush
Suits: Eddy Elias
Rings: Joseph George Jewellery
Men’s Shoes: Aquila
Ceremony Venue: Barwon Edge Boathouse
Celebrant: Diane Schmidtke
Photographer: Lauren Alyce Photography
Videographer: Jonathan Mole
Reception Venue: Barwon Edge Boathouse
Music: Levi Anderson, Joe Joe
Hire Equipment: Surcoat Hire
Stylist: Mimi Myrtle + Co


Featured in issue 3 of Absolute Weddings Magazine