Gabrielle & Chris



It rained, rained some more, and rained a little more! And with no back up plan in place, the bridal party and their guests partied under umbrella‚Äôs and they wouldn’t have had it any other way. Pizza was on hand for reception along with homemade treats made from family and friends. It was the perfect wedding filled with heartfelt love for this practical couple.


Shopping was one of the worst things for me. I always knew I was not a “wedding dress” type. I am very practical, and for me, “wedding dresses” are so impractical. Plus they always look amazing on other people. My friend who was also getting married suggested that we go and try on dresses together. We spent an afternoon trying on dresses with our mothers watching on. This confirmed everything I knew about dresses. Later while walking through Myer, I spotted a cream knee length dress in Review. I have always loved Review dresses and own a few. Needless to say it they only had small sizes left. When I got home, I jumped online and they had one in my size. I bought it and it arrived quickly in the post and fitted just fine.

If I hadn’t met Stacey McClure, then I would honestly not know who would’ve done my make up. Everyone was impressed with the lasting quality of her work.

I first met Sarah through a photo shoot. Anyone that works so well with children was always going to work well with me! I am indecisive when it comes to hair and make up. Sarah was great as she had lots of ideas!



Simon was absolutely wonderful. I knew Simon through school, and besides being a great person, he delivers some of the best speeches I have ever heard. I wanted someone connected to a church as there are some elements I really like, but also someone who was engaging to those who do not have those connections. Many guests commented on how fantastic Simon was and how he made the religious parts of the ceremony inviting and welcoming.

The bouquets and buttonholes for the bridal party were actually artificial! Dawn from Annibrook farm in WA was amazing. I sent her a photo of the dresses we had and some ideas of flowers I liked. She arranged them all and had them shipped out long before the wedding. After seeing some artificial flowers that my friend had her wedding next to her wedding photo years after the wedding, I wanted the same thing. They looked amazing and were a nice keepsake to have. Our flowers at our ceremony and reception were all natives sourced locally through Jason Kannar and Brody Smith.


When we decided that we were going to have a wedding, I wanted Caroline there. We met a few years ago through a friend. I dabble a little bit in photography and Caroline was great at giving me advice and help. She is so relaxed and calm. Both Rossi and I are awkward in front of the camera, and most of the time we forgot she was there. We were lucky that her and her husband / camera gear / umbrella holder were willing to come from Melbourne for our wedding.



This location was perfect. Glenwillan is a beautiful homestead with stunning gardens. The homestead itself hold lots of history and features. It gave many of our guests talking points. Rossi’s mum actually suggested it when we were looking for somewhere in the Wimmera that was a bit more relaxed than the usual venues.

Something everyone needs at a wedding is food. And lots of it. We got in contact with Claire from Gourmet’s Not A Flavour and had a look at some different options. As we weren’t having tables we went with finger food and pizza. It truely was “gourmet”! For desserts we had some slices and cakes made by friends, nana’s and aunties. We had everything on a table so people could help themselves at any point in the night.

Mark Block was amazing. He had our guests dancing until their legs hurt!

My mum made the most amazing cake I have eaten. I asked months ago for Mum to make a sponge cake. We ended up going with a madeira cake for practical reasons. Mum ended up making a three tier cake, with each tier having layers of cream and it was covered in strawberries, blueberries and a drizzle of juice!


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Creative Crew

Theme: Modern Vintage
Brides Dress: Review “Addilyn Dress” Dress
Bridesmaids Dresses: Review
Cake: My mum
Florists: Anniebrook Wine and Flower Emporium
Hair: Sarah Page Mobile Stylist
Makeup: Stacey McClure Make Up Artist
Suites: Earls Horsham
Rings: Prouds
Ceremony Venue: Glenwillan Homestead, Wallup, Victoria
Celebrant: Simon Risson (Church of Christ, Horsham)
Photographer: Caroline Chandler Photography
Reception Venue: Glenwillian Homestead
Music: Mark Block
MC: Steven Glover
Favours: Stubby Holders from Cool Az
Caterer: Gourmet’s Not a Flavour
Hire Equipment: Breuer’s Hire Horsham
Stylist: Netta Clark
Number of Guests: 80