We meet just after Valentines Day (4 years ago) and have been dating for 3.5 years. It took Mark a little while to have me go on our first date together. I was quite busy at that time and I thought if he really wanted to take me out that he would have to be a little patient (and that he was). After we started dating I remember Mark telling me that he has never had to chase a woman before and knew I was a keeper.

Sunday 8th January.
This weekend was perfect as I am Orthodox (Macedonian) and we celebrate Christmas over this weekend too so to have Mark propose on this date was a true blessing.

We had originally planned a lunch with our friends jimketevents at a nice restaurant in Wollongong. However a few days before that our friends texted asking would we mind if they changed the location and ventured to the Southern Highlands instead. Apparently they had heard of an amazing property called Milton Park Country House Hotel & Spa and thought we should treat ourselves to a beautiful lunch there instead. I had always spoken of Milton Park to Mark as a property I love and one day could possibly get married there. So plans where changed and we headed to Milton Park for lunch on Sunday 8th.
Once we arrived we met everyone and I was told that our table wasn’t ready so ‘lets check out the amazing grounds’. We all started walking and at one point I noticed everyone heading to the right and we where heading the left. Mark was holding my hand and started to lead me to towards this beautiful large scotch elm tree with weeping lush branches. As he led me inside the tree, there nestled within it was something truly amazing. A private garden oasis had been created for Mark to get down on one knee. All I kept saying was ‘Are you kidding me, are you kidding me…”. There Mark asked me, “Huni would you do me the honor of being my love, my life and my wife, Will You Marry Me”. I said YES.
After the proposal we sat under the tree and enjoyed platters of deluxe cheeses, fruits and Moët! Mark then told me he had another surprise and that we would be spending the night at Milton Park. When we checked into our room there was yet another surprise, he has arranged for candles to light up the spa and white rose petals scattered the entire room. Dinner was at Hordens Restaurant and the following morning we enjoyed deluxe spa treatments at the Wellness Spa. Everything was so perfect, he went above and beyond what I ever dreamed of or imagined. He truly blew me away.

Mark had engaged the services of jimket events who are close childhood friends of mine (Jim & Keti) to assist with bringing together the dream proposal he imagined. Mark together with them had been planning the proposal for over a month. They had visited the grounds prior to scout out the potential site (upon inspection they knew this would be perfect). Mark’s brief was ‘I want to blow her away’.
And that he really did. No detail was overlooked. They adorned the proposal setting with all my favorite things from large fresh floral arrangements, scattered white roses everywhere, candles, abundance of emerald cut crystals where hanging everywhere (knowing I love emerald cuts), roses and more crystals hanging from above. They used my favorite hues of whites, soft creams, gold and greys in the décor. All Mark wanted was for it to be perfect. And that it truly was, my heart was skipping beats that whole weekend.

For anyone that knows me personally they would know that I am a true lover of the emerald cut diamond. It’s crisp lines, step cut & geometry are truly mesmerizing and it sparkle is very unique. I always mentioned to Mark it had to be an emerald cut diamond because I love the elegance & sophistication of the cut.

There is a story behind the design of my ring and also the stone. Being in the jewelry industry myself and the founder of Rock Proposals – Your Personal Diamond Shopper (a private & exclusive diamond concierge service that assist gents/couples in selecting the perfect stone) I have always been asked about how Mark would go about organizing my ring. Everyone kept telling him ‘no pressure Mark, no pressure’.
The question was “How, how, how will Mark organize your ring, you’re the diamond shopper, you’d want to choose it right?” When the time was right I was told to start sourcing and considering different stones. I liaised with my suppliers and over a period of 10 months was shown a selection of different emerald cut diamonds (based on my requirements) which I either said yes or no to.
It wasn’t until December that there was one stone which took my breath away. When it was presented to me I fell in love with it. I said, “I can’t show Mark that one, he will probably faint”, it was larger than what we had originally discussed, however I was convinced to show him anyway…
That weekend I showed Mark the stone he told me he would have to sleep on ir. I appreciated that and understood. The following day the stone was returned. I was advised a few days later that unfortunately it had be sold.
Just before Christmas I was picking up a final piece for a client proposing on NYE. I was told more stones will be available in January for me to look at. I was excited about that.
As Mark got down on one knee and opened that box I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was the most beautiful emerald cut diamond (the same one which took my breath away). It was set with 4 tapered side baguettes. Before I knew it was I was asking questions, “But how, but you said, but they said…. But you all lied to me…” I then realized that Mark was the buyer of the stone and everyone had been working together behind the scenes to make it happen and keep it a surprise.


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