Uber cool styled shoot –

Words cannot express how much I love this styled shoot!

Ok, so they can, lets try…. Spectacular, striking, beautiful, bright, colourful, womanly, uber cool, those florals, amazing gowns, miss frankie, fresh, strong, creative, Frieda….  well, actually pretty damn friggin cool if I must say so!!!

I absolutely LOVE seeing what crew fav Sophie Knox is getting up to and the talented creators she brings along!


Creative Crew

Photographer – Marissa Alden
H+MU – Makeup by Sophie Knox
Model – Frankie Evans
Florals – Poppy Culture
Gowns – Karen Willis Holmes

Frankie-14 Frankie-4 Frankie-2 Frankie-3 Frankie-5 Frankie-6 Frankie-1 Frankie-7 Frankie-8 Frankie-10 Frankie-9 Frankie-11 Frankie-13 Frankie-12