Jordan & Fiona

Torquay, Victoria


“On Christmas Eve, 2015, Jordan and I went for our daily morning walk on White’s Beach, Torquay.
Jordan joked how we should both write Christmas messages in the sand, take a photo of both messages and then send it out to our families and friends as a Christmas Card. I thought it was the craziest idea he has come up and ignored him and continued my walk.
Jordan called out loudly for me to come back and take a photo of what he had written in the sand. I ran back and told him we didn’t have time for his silly antics and to hurry up and keep walking. He replied “Just read the message”.
As I began to read his message, I slowly realised that he had wrote “Will you marry me” in the sand.
During this time, Jordan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He pulled out a Ring Pop (Which I loved) as we had always spoken that when we did get engaged, we would go shopping for the ring together.
I said yes to his proposal and we walked home arm in arm, both with smiles from cheek to cheek.” – Fiona.

Jordan & Fiona’s Crew

Brides Dress: Karen Willis Holmes
Bridesmaids Dresses: Zimmermann
Accessories: Mimco
Cake: Sweet Designs by Claire
Florists: Pearl and Boston
Hair: Blondie Hair and Cosmetica
Makeup: Blondie Hair and Cosmetica
Pre-Beauty Needs: Soul Skin Torquay
Suites: Gibson
Rings: Pilkington Jewellers
Mens Shoes: Florsheim
Celebrant: David Curnow
Photographer: Katie Wheeler
Reception Venue: RACV Torquay
Music: Ben Dew for the Ceremony (Friend of Jordan) and After Five for the Reception
Favours: Succulents from my mothers garden in small pots finished with handmade love heart clay tags
Hire Equipment: Memphis Hire
Number of Guests: 113

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