The Hello Runway event came about after meeting some fabulous ladies who have been fighting cancer.

Cancer has become such a ‘common’ illness to have these days, and we all know the hard times that come with, but do we really know how hard it can be?  This made me really think about how we forget what’s actually involved and how women and anyone for that matter finds the strength to fight the disease.

Meeting with some of the ladies and getting to know them, I realized that the process of going through chemotherapy is still very much an emotional, physical and mental struggle.  And with that women can find themselves feeling low in confidence along with the rest of the side affects such as fatigue, nervous system effects, vomiting, headaches, muscle pain, loosing their hair. Not only do they have to go through the experience of looking like a completely different person or having a big part of their femininity taken away, but did you know that this process is actually quite painful? Not to mention have parts of your body cut out like your ovaries or breasts, key organs of the vitality of being woman. Imagine the mental struggle that goes with that and focusing on fighting the disease in such a way it takes all your strength and power.

I came up with the idea to treat some incredibly special ladies to not just a day but a process of getting their confidence back and being proud to be in the position they are in.


The Photoshoot!

First up was a pamper day with a photoshoot. The photoshoot took place at The Provincial in Ballarat, where the staff were incredibly kind giving us one of the most beautiful rooms to use, champagne for the ladies and some ridiculously beautiful platters (and absolutely delish too! I’m seriously loving the food there at the moment!).

The lovely ladies from Jasmine Beauty Therapy at Myer made the women feel beautiful by doing their make up, giving them beautiful brows and lashes.

Eve Salon & Beauty Bar also spent the day creating lovely hairstyles and glitterised these women with a variety of metalic glitter for extra detail.

With each individual lady, I found a moment of pure realness which was exactly what I wanted captured. F*#$ you Cancer!  After asking each lady to say this and give me the finger sign, each personality shone through in the most perfect way, hense where the F U CANCER came from!

Not only did we get some beautiful images, but such a heartfelt day of getting to know these women and their stories made for plenty of laughs and raw moments of emotion. This was an experience I will never forget and be incredibly proud of always. I’m so honored to work with these ladies and thankful for their trust in me and the F U CANCER project.


The Runway!

Opening the event we had our lovely cancer survivors and fighters walk the runway to open the show. My lovely friend JK Celebrations introduced the women in a dignified and beautiful way whilst a slide show showing each of the women and their fights. After going through such an intimate process with these ladies, standing backstage was extremely emotional and I can tell you the tears were definitely flowing!

Eve Salon & Beauty Bar joined with the lovely Emily McGrath Make up artist glammed our girls up and had them feeling incredible!

As the ladies took to the runway, a large confetti bomb went off with a roar of applause and upstanding from the crowd left the women overwhelmed.

I would like to say a gigantic thank you to all of the wonderful people, business and supporters involved and an even larger thank you to the lovely & inspiring ladies who were brave enough to trust me with this process and be apart of something so special.



Photo Shoot Photos by Renee Radulovic

Runway Photos by Pretty Flamingo Photography

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