From New York with Love


ST style: This photo shoot is the perfect combination of traditional versus bold. ST’s wedding designs are always splashed with a little fashion flare, they are for a fashion forward bride and the addition of some iconic black pieces pushes the envelope for that daring bride who wants to stamp some individuality to her day.

Some of ST’s classic Last Love pieces get a revival such as the hugely popular Isabella and Cameo gown but ST’s true muse recently has been her ‘Russian Hearts’ capsule collection. Some of these key pieces such as the blackbeaded bodysuit with the black tule skirt are absolute stand outs and are sure to be favourites for the upcoming bridal season.

Photo shoot Inspo: What’s not to love about NYC, the iconic buildings, the bustling streets and the vibe is always exciting. We wanted to change things up and show our collection in a different light. It’s also an exciting time as the ST label expands to an international market and bride’s from all over the world now have access to Australia’s designers and talent.

What’s next: We are set to release the rest of the Russian Hearts collection over the coming months which was shot with an epic team in LA. Silvana also has big plans for her new bridal collection which is inspired by the Middle East so watch this space.

In her own words: “I’m so fortunate that Russian Hearts was inspired by a particular moment in time for me and the colours and the styling help represent the emotions and feelings that I felt. As time goes on I feel like each collection is a reflection of my real life stories which makes them more meaningful and I feel like every woman can relate to the paths I’ve been on.”


Creative Crew

Photographer: Kylee Yee
Designer/Creative Director: Silvana Tedesco
Model: Dana Louise Turner
Make Up: Ta Ming Chen
Hair: Jaquel


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