Rhiarna’s Hens Party


Having your best friend and sister in one is already a cracking start, but to have her plan your hens day to complete perfection tops off the top bridesmaid hat for sure! I had a chat with both bride to be Rhiarna and maid of honour Candice to find out how to plan the perfect hens party.

A chat with the Bride to be!

Are you glad your sister planned your hens day?  I’m so glad Candice was able to plan my hens day! We are very close and she knows me so well that she was able to plan a day that was very ‘me’ and made it a day to remember! Everything was kept a surprise….I had no idea what I was going to be doing. Everyone did very well not to give away any secrets! I loved that I had two seperate events for the day! This meant that my friends who could not stay for the whole night were able to still celebrate with me! I loved that my day was a white theme and was just so amazed at how Candice had styled her house! I was obsessed with my flower crown and loved that it added a finishing touch to my outfit!

How did your fiance propose? Chris and I have been together for so long that I really wasn’t expecting a ring anytime soon! He proposed to me unexpectedly on Christmas Day in 2015! We had woken up and he asked me to sit down in our family room and come in from the garage with quite a few large parcels and a very, very big box! I first unwrapped two canvasses of photos of Chris and I over our years together; holidays we have been on and photos from some really special times! I unwrapped them and thought that it was a really nice present but didn’t click that this was part of a proposal (totally oblivious now). I then begun to unwrap a huge box that got smaller and smaller which brought me to a tiny ring box and as I looked up in shock Chris was on his knee! He chose my ring so well all on his own and I absolutely adore it!


A chat with the top Hen, Candice.

Why do you think it’s important to have a hens day? I think it’s so important to have a hens day. It’s a time to celebrate one of the biggest days of your life. Any excuse to get dressed up and just have fun.

What was your inspiration behind the theme and styling of your sisters hens day? Rhiarna is very much a fashionista so I wanted to make sure I was really thinking about what she would like. Nadia Bartel’s baby shower colour theme was a huge starting point for inspiration. We decided to get everyone to wear white and added some pink and rose gold into the decorations.
As you can see from the photos everyone wearing white looked so elegant. The flower crown was a must and made Rhiarna stand out. I loved the temporary tattoos, as soon as I found them I knew we had to use them instead of a lanyard or a sash, I personally don’t think they’re in fashion anymore.

What advice would you give to others planning a hens party? Organise your theme and then everything else will be easy. Also keep the brides interests in mind along the way.

What did you think was the most important or fun part of the day? Ensuring the bride has the best time. It’s all about her after all but you want the guests to enjoy themselves as well though.

What do you think are the top 5 things that are a must for the hens day?
1. Having a theme
2. Flowers, lots of them, you can’t have too many.
3. A few games to get all the guests interacting.
4. Entertainment (it really makes the night a laugh and one to remember).
5. Music and dancing.


Creative Crew

Makeup: Mila from Chantilly Avenue Salon
Hair: Vesna from Chantilly Avenue Salon
Dress: Asilio the Label
Flower Crown: Lou Lou’s florist
Styling: Love Drum & Candice
Cake: Megan Ralston
Pre Beauty needs: Mystique Glow Tan
Food: Family & friends
Photos: Renee Radz

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