Karolina & Sam

“We met at a dance class and ended up talking until the place closed.
The following week we spotted each other on the dance floor and danced together. I think we both knew that we were interested in each other because we had these stupid grins on our faces every time we saw each other.”

We wanted the first dance to be a surprise for everyone so we tried to come up with something a little different and fun. We decided on a flamenco dance and had one private lesson to learn the movements.  We then practiced and practiced until we felt confident and then just really had fun with it on the night.

We opted to have a live percussionist play alongside the DJ and this was fantastic! It had the excitement of live music alongside all our favourite songs. Having the percussion also made everyone get up and dance which was incredible.



“Sam proposed while we were on a holiday in WA watching the sun set over beautiful Cape Leveque. Once we returned home we decided to keep it a secret for a few months and made a surprise announcement at Sam’s 40th where all our friends and family were gathered.  We must have caught them completely off-guard because there was not a dry eye in the house!” – Karolina.



Theme: Modern Art
Brides Dress: Fabric from D’Italia, made by Kay Elizabeth
Bridesmaids Dresses: Maje
Ladies Shoes: Wittner
Cake: Vue de Monde
Florists: Flower Temple
Hair & Makeup: Lady Day Hair + Makeup
Suits: TM Lewin
Rings: e.g.etal and Studio Ingot
Mens Shoes: Aquila
Ceremony Venue: Heide Museum of Modern Art
Celebrant: Ms Wendy McRae
Photographer: Perla Photography
Reception Venue: Café Vue at Heide
Entertainment: Melbourne DJ Entertainment
Number of Guests: 70


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