Brooke & Stephen





We were both on RSVP and Stephen was keen and contacted me. We talked on the phone every night till the early hours of the morning.  We finally met and from the get go we knew we were suppose to find each other.



“We went out for dinner then walked along the boardwalk and fire works starting going off so I started taking pictures and then he said why don’t we go have a drink. So as we were walking back to the Shangri-La he said my name, and as I turned around I dropped my bag in delight, he dropped down to one knee and revealed my amazing ring. I squealed with delight attracting the attention of some people walking by.  Apparently I didn’t say yes for a few minutes as I was in shock.”



“As I started to plan our wedding, I figured out that he proposed to me on the 21st, we were staying on the 21st level at the Shangri-La, we were on table 21 at the restaurant , and he proposed at 21:00 hrs (9pm) . So the wedding date had to be on the 21st! We chose the 21st October.  And it was the most perfect day.”
“I’ve always dreamt of walking down the aisle with my veil billowing behind me, hair all perfect. And then on the big day, as soon as I walked down the aisle a big gush of wind elevated my veil all over the place. This made for a great photo, but I swear that was my grandpa telling me he was there.”


Creative Crew

Theme: Rustic
Brides Dress: Lover
Bridesmaids Dresses: Sheike
Ladies Shoes: Wittner and Tony Bianco
Accessories: Samantha Wills
Cake: Baked Patisserie
Florists: Flowers on Port Hacking
Hair: Bride did her own hair
Makeup: Monica Mazevski
Suits: Ron Bennet
Rings: Pontifex and Men’s Rings Online
Men’s Shoes: Windsor Smith
Ceremony Venue: Panorama House
Celebrant: Carol Martin celebrant
Photographer: Greg Campbell
Reception Venue: Panorama House
Music: DJ Justin Rego
Number of Guests: 100
Overall Cost: $15,000


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