Retro Magic



When this submission landed on my desk, excitement was an understatement as I viewed the collection of images from this styled shoot.

The Retro-esk shoot had been in the planning for some time now, and with a hint of 90’s along with inspiration from Xanadu, and locations you wouldn’t ever imagine to shoot in, Retro magic was created!

That Custom jumpsuit, the crinkle cut hair, them shoes (So in love) and that ‘I dont give a shit, I know I’m fab’ attitude!

This is exactly the kind of shoot I love and what I want to inspire you with! Whether you be a bride to be, groom to be or someone in the wedding industry, owning your individuality is not just fashionable, but key to who you really are and what makes you spesh!

Respect to the Fab Creative Crew! XX



Katie Hillary | Photographer

Kate| One Day in March | Stylist (me!)

Maxcelle Hall | Maxcelle Hall at Mill Street | custom bridal suit

Matilda Goehner | Uzuri | MUA

Grace Childs | model


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